About Momnium - Track Cycling - Kell O'Brien, Alex Porter and Jordan Stannus.

About MOMNIUM – It’s all about Track Cycling

MOMNIUM (A.K.A. Melbourne Omnium) started off in 2014 with a mission to reinvigorate track cycling in Melbourne, Australia. Track cycling was on a gradual decline over a number of years and the situation did not look good. With no clear direction given by the national and state sporting bodies, we had the idea to try and reinvigorate the interest in track with a grass roots approach.

The initial events saw a simple training session focused on long, championship distance endurance racing. The basic idea revolved around a clear focus on quality racing and fun. Riders of all abilities were welcome to participate – from elite level riders to local club riders.

The numbers quickly grew, road riders started returning to the track and signs of life emerged. The word spread and the events became bigger than ever anticipated.

Not being wedded to an idea, MOMNIUM has continued to evolve and we now have a smaller focus on our own event promotion. Instead we now devote our time to making information about track cycling clearer and more available.

Track cycling is deceptively simple yet the reality is that it is a highly technical discipline. The know-how is closely guarded and as a result it is in the hands of a small elite group. Through this website we aim to bring our experience of the technical aspects of the sport whilst giving an insight into the elite levels. This is in an effort to help track cyclists of all levels to become better, more knowledgeable riders.